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   National Genebank

The National Genebank is the long-term conservation center for all crop genetic resources in China.It was established in October 1986 with the partial financial support of Rockefeller Foundation and International Board for Plant Genetic Resources, and attached to the Institute of Crop Germplasm Resources of Chines Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The construction area of the genebank is 3200m, covering researching, processing and storing areas. The research area is 930m, including reception room. research laboratories, seed specimen room, seminar room and reading room. The processing area is 840m including registering room, cleaning room, weighting room, germination room, drying room, fumigation room, packing room, temporary storage room and computer center. The storage area is 605m, including two double door air-locks,two long-term storages with 150m each, and four adjustable storages with 17.22m each in which temperature can beadjusted from -8 C to -18 C.

The capacity of the Genebank is more than 400,000 accessions. The temperature of cold storages is -18 C, which can be controlled, indicated and recorded automatically. The relative humidity can be controlled under 57%. Each day 200 accessions can be processed for storage. Our genebank is by now one of the largest modern genbanks in the world. Besides, in 1985 we had constructed another National Genebank which was designed by ourselves. The area is 325m , the termperature is ranged from 0 C to -10 C, and the capacity is 200,000-250,000 accessions. There are 34 staff in the two genebanks, with 14 senior or medium-leveled researchers. They are responsible for cleaning, germinating, drying, packing and storing processes of stored seeds multiplied in various institutions throughout the country. Up to the end of 1997, a total of 310,000 accessions of germplasm resources had been stored in the genebank. A series of research projects related to germplasm storage had been carried out. A database with 20 million data items had been established by computerizing the passport data, characterization data and evaluation data of all germplasm resources stored in the genebank.

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